SID utilities, HIST.UTL and TRACE.UTL are special  programs  that
  operate with SID to provide additional debugging facilities.  The
  mechanisms for system  initialization,   data   collection,   and
  data  display  are  described  in the CP/M SID User's Guide.

  The HIST utility creates a histogram  (bar  graph)   showing  the
  relative   frequency   of   execution   of   code within selected
  program segments of the test program.  The  HIST  utility  allows
  you   to  monitor  those  sections  of  code  that  execute  most

  The TRACE utility obtains a backtrace of  the  instructions  that
  led  to  a particular breakpoint address in a program under test.
  You can collect  the  addresses  of  up   to   256   instructions
  between pass points in U or T modes.