[ {ECHO | NO ECHO} {FILTER | NO FILTER} | {SYSTEM} ]

  ECHO        specifies that output is echoed to the console.  This
              is  the default option when you direct console output
              to a file.

  NO ECHO     specifies that file  output  is  not  echoed  to  the
              console.  NO ECHO  is the default for the PUT PRINTER

  FILTER      specifies  filtering  of  control  characters,  which
              means  that  control  characters  are  translated  to
              printable  characters.   For   example,   an   ESCape
              character is translated to ^[.

  NO FILTER   means   that   PUT   does   not   translate   control
              characters.  This is the default option.

  SYSTEM      specifies that  system  output  as  well  as  program
              output  is  written  to   the   file   specified   by
              filespec.  Output is written  to  the  file  until  a
              subsequent   PUT   CONSOLE  command redirects console
              output back to the console.