A    Archive. Copy only files that have been  changed  since  the
        last copy.
  C    Confirm. PIP prompts for confirmation before each file copy.
  Dn   Delete any characters past column n.
  E    Echo transfer to console.
  F    Filter form-feeds from source data.
  Gn   Get from or go to user n.
  H    Test for valid Hex format.
  I    Ignore :00 Hex data records and test for valid Hex format.
  K    Kill display of filespecs on console.
  L    Translate upper case to lower case.
  N    Number output lines
  O    Object file transfer, ^Z ignored.
  Pn   Set page length to n.  (default n=60)
  Qs^Z Quit copying from source at string s.
  R    Read files that have been set to SYStem.
  Ss^Z Start copying from the source at the string s.
  Tn   Expand tabs to n spaces.
  U    Translate lower case to upper case.
  V    Verify that data has been written correctly.
  W    Write over Read Only files without console query.
  Z    Zero the parity bit.

  All  options  except  C,G,K,O,R,V  and  W  force  an  ASCII  file
  transfer, character by character, terminated by a ^Z.