Use options to direct the input and output of MAC.  Use a  letter
  with  the  option to indicate the  source and destination drives,
  and console, printer, or zero output.  Valid drive  names  are  A
  thru  O.  X,  P  and Z specify console, printer, and zero output,

     Assembly Options That Direct Input/Output

  A       source drive for .ASM file (A-O)

  H       destination drive for .HEX file (A-O, Z)

  L       source drive for macrolibrary .LIB files called by the
          MACLIB statement.

  P       destination drive for .PRN file (A-O, X, P, Z)

  S       destination drive for .SYM file

      Assembly Options That Modify Contents Of Output File

  +L   lists input lines read from macrollibrary .LIB files
  -L   suppresses listing (default)

  +M   lists all macro lines as they are processed during assembly
  -M   suppresses all macro lines as they are read during assembly
  *M   lists only hex generated by macro expansions

  +Q   lists all LOCAL symbols in the symbol list
  -Q   suppresses all LOCAL symbols in the symbol list (default)

  +S  appends symbol file to print file
  -S  suppresses creation of symbol file

  +1   produces a pass 1 listing for macro debugging in .PRN file
  -1   suppress listing on pass 1 (default)